What is merge?

merge means to unite, to combine, and most literally, to come together.
to recycle and save.
at merge, two sisters have united forces
to practice sustainability.
to prepare fresh healthy food.
to serve organic meats.
to enjoy vegetables and nuts in new ways.
to provide alternatives.
to compost.
to garden.
to grow organically.
to conserve.
to innovate.

to listen to music.
to look at art.
to learn

healthier habits for a healthier planet.

come together and merge.

we serve fresh juices, wheatgrass, and e-3 live as well as microbrewed draft beer, wine, and deliciously fresh cocktails. 

join us for an experience in dining like none other.  our artistic setting and musical entertainment allow for dynamic conversation and a memorable night with loved ones, friends, and family.

it is our renewed mission to make Buffalo connected musically, artistically, and sustainably through nutrition, wellness and congregation.  merge with us.

our hours of operation are:

dinner 5:00pm - 10:00pm Tues - Saturday and brunch 11:30am -3pm on Saturdays
late night (music and bar menu) 10:00pm - 12:00am when scheduled.

Created by two sisters, Sarah and Eliza Schneider, merge is a living homage to their life passions: community, food, music, sustainability, & art. 

merge was founded in January of 2009 in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, the community they live in and the city they love. 


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