In the spring of 2012 merge owners Sarah & Eliza Schneider started Shore Wood Farm in their hometown of Lake View, NY.  They have always been a part of the "farm to table" movement, and they couldn't help but want to jump right in and get their hands dirty! Sarah and Eliza had the fortune of growing up on a former farm (in a rehabilitated barn), and still have access to the land thanks to their patient and generous parents.  They began the farm in 2012 and currently have 11 raised beds where they grow everything from root vegetables to herbs, fresh veggies, and greens.


(Shorewood Farm in 2012)


(Flower garden on the right, and new fence at merge's Shorewood Farm 2014)


(A mid-summer's harvest)

(Early summer 2014 at the farm)

Sarah and Eliza are devoted to further expanding their farm so that it can produce fresh organic vegetables throughout the year.  They intend to bring in unique and super-fresh additions to your dishes here at merge each day of the year by building a green house & aquaponics system in the near future. They are also growing a large field of wildflowers which will add to the decor on the tables at merge throughout the summer.

The farm has also recently grow with the addition of some fruit trees including cherries, peaches, pears, and some blueberry bushes. This will add to the two 40 year old apple trees on the land which already produce bushels upon bushels of apples each year.



Merge will continue our relationships with other local farms, as well to deliver you the highest quality produce that makes all our dishes exceptional at merge.  Our local produce comes from local farms including Oles Farm, Arden Farm, Winter Farm & Thunder mountain.

Look out for hands-on farm/garden workshops at the merge farm in 2015.  We feel called to not just grow our own food, but help others to do so safely and easily at home. It feels great to be able to walk outside, pick your own food and know that it is healthy, delicious, local, organic and seasonal.  Stay tune for workshop information by joining our newsletter on our home page.