In the spring of 2012 we started Shore Wood Farm in Lake View, NY.  As we have gotten more and more into the "farm to table" movement, we couldn't help but want to jump right in and get our hands dirty! Sarah (merge co-owner) moved out to our family's land in Lake View (20 minutes south of Buffalo) to tend to the farm garden during the days and still be close enough to manage the restaurant at night.

Our intention is to grow our own organic heirloom herbs and vegetables so that throughout the year we can we can harvest and bring in unique and super-fresh produce to add to your dishes here at merge. We are also growing a large field of wildflowers which will add to the decor on the tables at merge throughout the summer.


This winter (2012-13) we have plans to set up a large composting worm-bin system in the basement at merge to fertilize our soil in the spring, and plans for possibly set up a green house this year, maybe even having backyard fresh eggs... Sarah's 5 year plan even includes goats...!


Of course we will continue our relationship with other local farms to deliver you the highest quality produce that makes all our dishes exceptional including Oles Farm, Arden Farm, Winter Farm & Thunder mountain.