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This April we feature drawings in pencil, ink, and black colored pencil by Deanna Schoelles.




by Deanna Schoelles

On display at merge March 31st - May 2nd

Opening Reception Wednesday, April 1st 6-8pm*

*Complimentary fruit and cheese platters & other light appetizers available during opening.

Artist's Statement:

My collection is the culmination of pieces created within the past year; my primary focus being in portraiture. Although I do enjoy using color, the majority of my work is done in grayscale, utilizing pencil, ink and black colored pencil.

A model’s eyes are the most important quality that I look for. Specifically, I’m searching for that gaze that draws you in, and makes you feel as though a living, breathing person is looking back at you or into you. Ultimately my goal in creating an image is to capture this effect.

The thing I love the most about my process is line work. My style is partially inspired by comic illustrations learned through poring over old Heavy Metal comic books as a kid. Whatever the artist’s personal style, the unifying trait was often the deep, defined, black line work. I’m also totally inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s bold line work, juxtaposed by soft feminine details that he and I love so much.

I see myself as a modern, feminist artist and I hope to depict women as brilliant, strong, soft, vulnerable, and lovely creatures.


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