Merge is not only a restaurant, but an art gallery.  Each month in 2009, we have had ongoing themed artwork shows.  

The next show will be opening with a party on Wednesday, July 1st from 5:30-7:30pm.  Please come and meet the artists, get a chance to talk to them about the new show, and enjoy some free appetizers compliments of merge.

July’s show is themed: Flora and Fauna - the organic world around and within us.  The artists will include Kristin Adlard, James Hickey, Glenn Kroetsch, Elizabeth Schulz, Marie Wonch, and others.

Marie Wonch’s “Tree” is just a taste of what the show will offer:Marie_Wonch,_Tree



The upcoming themes for 2009 are:


August: Abstract Art of Time and Space

September: The Human Body
October: Closed photography exhibit *

November: Scenes: Images of the world around us, architecture, viewpoints, natural settings.

December: Spirituality, the Invisible World around Us and Within Us.

If you are interested in submitting artwork for any of these shows, please email [email protected] with jpegs of your artwork.