Have you heard about Snyder Holistic?

Its this great place in Williamsville, at Main and Harlem where  I (Eliza) have recently been getting acupuncture. I started less than a month ago and I feel aboslutely incredible.  I used to have what we call “brain fog” and now I am feeling aware, alive, and invigorated, less stressed and more patient with myself and others around me.  Its decreased by anxiety and I can only say good things about Richie (the owner) and Ben (The acupuncturist) who make every trip a fun and worthwhile experience.

If you mention this post, you can get 10% off your first visit to the center.  I think that everyone can benefit from acupuncture, check out their website for all the other great things they have going on there - (chiropractors, reiki, yoga, classes… so much!)