April 17th 10pm Rootsy Rock Show


featuring Auld Lang  Syne (Rochester) and David Wax Museum (Boston, MA)

at Merge. 

Auld Lang Syne, winner of Rochester’s Best New Band in 2008 is touring  with their new album, Midnight Folly.  The album can sound achingly woeful or blisteringly desperate almost in the same breath. The mournful country wail of “Rusty Prayer”, the jubilant gospel shouts of “My First Soul”, and the last-ditch bellow of “Red Feather” will hit you between the knees, make your hair stand up, your eyes burn, and maybe break your heart if it’s open. Paste Magazine called it “An alternately joyous and heartbreaking collection of sprawling, ragged, rootsy rock n’ roll.” 

David Wax’s circuitous journey to and from the back roads of Mexico has inspired The David Wax Museum’s lively fusion of traditional Mexican and American folk music.  With its heart-wrenching harmonies, poignant lyrics, and rooted Americana sound, this talented Boston-based quartet has quickly won over audiences across New England.  The David Wax Museum’s exuberant Mexo-Americana songs bring audiences to their feet with Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, and donkey jawbone rattling.  Boston University Radio described David Wax Museum’s, “Beautiful, quiet music with soft vocals.  Think Iron & Wine with more strings.  So much time and effort was put into this album musically.”   A must see for sure.