10pm Vinyl Retentives Freedom Record Party

Fri, November 25, 2011 10:00 PM

What’s worse than trying to enjoy a few drinks on a Saturday night at your favorite local establishment while being subjected to awful music?
In our opinion….nothing.
So that’s why 3 dudes with embarrassingly good record collections banded together to create an all-vinyl freeform DJ collective with one mission . . . to host regular parties where a diverse group of people with good taste could come, drink, dance, and hang out while hearing some eclectic music in high fidelity.

Calling themselves The Vinyl Retentives, DJs Needles Numark, Fjordan Turlingua, and King Eider have joined forces (and record collections) to host events committed only to the principles of freeform and the superior quality of analog audio. The result has been regular events that feature genre-defying musical debauchery.
So forget the digital juke boxes, to hell with satellite radio, and say goodbye to Pandora for a night. Come out and hear good music how it was supposed to be heard…in analog.

Vinyl is final.