Interested in showing art at merge?

To apply, We require:

- An artist statement, jpegs of your pieces, titles, prices, and piece dimensions.

- We are looking for artists who express a unique perspective about the human experience or who have developed unique techniques and ways of using their chosen medium.

To show, We require:

- Help hanging the work. We provide the hardware.  We will curate & hang with you.

- Help promoting your opening or closing event (We typically you to create a FB event or postcard.)

- $150 hanging fee for the month, to pay for party appetizers, hardware, and promotion, but we do not take any other commission on sales.

- Prompt pick up of work on date/time we set.

Some artists have asked their musician friends to come play during the opening or closing party to help set the  ambiance even more.

Shows generally run about a month, from set up to take down.

Please apply via email with jpegs of your work and your artist statement to [email protected]


February 2012

Oil Paintings by Karen Olejniczak

Karen's paintings and selection of her pen and ink works can be seen at merge 

Tuesday January 31st - Saturday February 25th


     January 2012

Skyships: Oil Paintings by Dennis Bertram

Showing Tuesday, January 3rd - Saturday, January 28th


December 2011

Paintings & Photography of Kenneth Loncke

Kenneth is a local architect who happens to work upstairs from merge.  We feel blessed to have him in our presence, as he emanates a deep peace where-ever he goes.  This collection includes inspired paintings and photography of angels he sees in clouds.  We thought his very spiritual approach to artwork was  appropriate for the magical holiday season.  

Kenneth is also putting together a calendar of his artwork that will be sold at merge, with proceeds going to a non-profit that will feed the hungry.  They make a fantastic holiday gift for your loved ones.

Come meet Kenneth during the Allentown First Fridays Opening

Friday, December 2nd from 5pm - 7pm

We'll have free appetizers and his calendars and artwork available for purchase.


September, October, November 2011

Photography by Paula Sciuk

On display at merge: 

Tuesday 9/6/11 - Sunday 10/1/11


Wednesday, September 28, from 5pm-7pm

Inspired by the classical and ancient elements,  Sciuk focuses on reflective surfaces using natural light to capture abstract images in everyday life.

Paula Sciuk's digital photographic work explores contemporary issues. Her works have been shown in one person, curated and group exhibitions since 2007 and is included in private collections in the US and Europe. She is a native of Western New York and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Design from the State University College at Buffalo.


August 2011

Hail to the Thrift, Part Deux
The Works of Tim Mirand

August 9—September 3, 2011   

Tim Mirand’s seemingly whimsical sculptural collages intrigue, bemuse and ignite the imagination. 

Playful, colorful and visually complex, Mirand’s work offers the viewer an opportunity to re-imagine the everyday. By configuring and reconfiguring both random and familiar objects, his work challenges our expected precepts in unexpected, but oddly sensible, ways. Sometimes working with a preconceived idea and sometimes just letting the piece find its own way, Mirand gathers disparate found and scavenged objects and joins them together to tell a story, evoke a mood or lead the viewer down their own path of discovery and invention. 

Mirand has been working on collages of this type for about 15 years. Though he first became interested in the idea of gathering objects to tell a story “when I was in middle school and did civil war battle re-enactments for class. I guess I’ve always been putting things together,” he says. “This is fueled by my passion to collect, gather objects and arrange them to tell a story or explore an idea. I have always been drawn to the work of Kandinsky and Miro -- their colors and use of shape.” 

Tim Mirand is a native Western New Yorker and proud resident of Buffalo’s  Elmwood Village. 

For further information, please call 716.481.5958


July 2011



July 10th - August 6th

Matthew Crane is a renaissance man - artist, musician, humanitarian, Matt is an advocate for a brighter Buffalo in all senses of the word.  His collection here ranges a large spectrum of his work through the years.  His more recent work features his impressions of  local theater and dance, while his floral pieces offer colorful pop-art.  

As for his Buffalo series Matt says 

"it is a testimonial to the vibrant youth of our great city and their aim on taking it back. Rather than seeing Buffalo as a decaying relic of the Industrial Revolution, I chose to see our city for who it is, not what it looks like. A stark juxtaposition between windmills and grain elevators provide a glimpse into a prosperous past while alluding to an equally exciting future. This series is about the places in Buffalo, New York and the tenacious spirit of it's inhabitants. While none of the paintings have people directly as the subject matter, each piece is bustling with life. "

*Join us for a closing reception, live music and appetizers during First Friday Allentown on Friday, August 5th from 5-7pm.  


June 2011

Ethereal Painting presents 

Recent works of mixed collage and expressive oil paintings by Laurie Tanner

Opening Reception Friday, June 3rd 5-7pm

Enjoy appetizers and live music by Mir Ali & Doug Yeomans, FREE admission!

Laurie A. Tanner has been actively working as a visual artist in the WNY community for the past decade.  Her artwork focuses on creativity as a form of self expression to help heal and guide the mind, body and spirit.  She describes her artwork as possessing an etheral and often visceral quality whichi s sinspired by the music she obsessively enjoys.  Her oil paintings are often referred to as 'wavescapes' that are motivated by her love of sailing.  Her mixed media collage pieces are filled with imagery from our environment that resonate with etheral and feminine quality of nature.  She often involves written language/lyrics in her mixed media collages to further express her creative response to our social, emotional, and political environments.

Be sure to stop by during Allentown Arts Festival & check out the show!


May 2011


Join us in welcoming in the spring season with a collection of bright, cheery flowers that offer eye candy for the soul.

Flower photography & paintings by:

LeeAnn Coleman

Janine Demond

Rebecca Aldinger

 J. Matt Kianka

Justine Langiewicz

Justin Rowland


April 2011


Photographs by Rick Steinberg

In April we are experiencing a revival and regrowth of nature.  We also celebrate life in April 22nd, with Earth Day, so we thought it only appropriate to have a gallery show that focuses on nature. 

Rick Steinberg's collection of tree photography includes original photographs and his deconstructed and sewn fragments offer an insightful look at the delicate nature of our ecosystem.  Steinberg pinpoints the longitude and latitudes of the many varied types of trees in varied areas of our planet, and also offers some insight into the preservation & appreciation of all life.


Friday, April 2nd, 5-7pm

$5 wine

Free hummus & seitan wings!

In conjunction with Allentown FIRST FRIDAYS, head down to A-town & check out all the amazing galleries in Allentown this Friday :


March 2011


Oil paintings on book bindings by Jonathan Stafford

March 1st - March 28th

Join us for an opening reception Friday, March 4th, 5-7pm

*Get 1/2 off appetizers & $5 glasses of wine if you mention First Fridays Allentown!


February 2011


Caesandra Seawell 

The average kiss lasts 20 seconds.

Caesandra is curator of The Kissing Museum.  She has created a series of prints that record memorable kisses.  She has begged friends, family, and strangers from all age groups, ethnicities, orientations and skill levels to provide her with an account of their most memorable smooches.  

If you are interested in adding your experience to The Kissing Museum's official collection, or participate in any way, contact Caesandra at [email protected]  

Use "KISS" in the subject line.

Thank you!


January 2011 Show:
"In the Middle Distance"

A showing of Tim Raymond's oil paintings, drawings in ink and charcoal, and paper constructions with stone.  Tim graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Masters in Fine Art in 1979.



December 2010 Show:

"And Sometimes Why"

Abstract paintings by Lani Stangler, Jody Selin & Christopher Stangler.


November 2010 Show:

Vantage Point

An Aspire i-Xpress Art Show

"Aspire’s mission is to help children and adults with developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, and conditions with similar personal and family effects live their lives to the fullest in keeping with their informed choices. 

We at Aspire are driven by the core belief that children and adults with developmental disabilities have the right to realize their full potential and live as independently as possible. Aspire compassionately and relentlessly works toward facilitating this end.
Since 1947, we have served individuals with cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, epilepsy, autism and other neurological impairments. We also provide services and support to persons who are challenged physically and cognitively as a result of traumatic brain injuries, strokes, hearing and visual impairments, as well as other disabling conditions.
Our total commitment to the development of innovative, individualized programs, continual integration of the developmentally disabled within the community and to providing full-service solutions to the populations it serves, makes Aspire the leading agency of its kind and a true asset to the Western New York community."


October 2010 Show:


Images of the Spirit World

This month is for celebrating change and transition when we all enjoy the natural world preparing for the harsh winter.  It's also a time when the veil between our world and the spirit world is most thin, on the evening of October 31st. 

The artists included in this month's group show at Merge have a variety of interpretations on the idea of the spirit.  Marilyn Hammer honors the dead through the methodical collection and ornamentation of found animal bones.  The dreamlike images of Samuel V. Vicanti visually bring to life the state of mind in which we all might find our subconscious speaking to us.  Esther Neisen's piece was driven by a loss that compelled her to create.  I chose to be inspired by a song, Long Black Veil, which is about many veils, and one in particular.

Whatever 'spirits,' 'spirituality,' 'hauntings,' or 'veils' mean to you, I hope you find these artists' work inspiring and enjoy the multidimensional take on the usual Halloween theme.  We hope you will come back often to visit their work and find new meanings and interpretations within them for yourself.

- Samantha H.