The Adventures of Mark Twain - Claymation Style

Saturday, October 2, 2010 10:30 PM


From the Academy Award Winner Will Vinton (Best Animated Short Film, Closed Mondays, 1974) comes this feature-length Claymation fantasy based on the stories of Mark Twain.  Ready to fulfill his destiny- by crashing into Halley's comic- Mark Twain (voiced by James Whitmore, Where the Red Fern Grows) prepares for a hot air balloon ride to find the comet.  With stowaways Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn aboard his interplanetary balloon, they observe the historical events that inspired Twain through a magical time portal.  Educating and entertaining, The Adventures of Mark Twain is a thrilling ride you won't want to miss.

 We plan for the movie to begin around 10:30, but as we are a restaurant, we will have to play the start time by ear.

 A limited amount of clay will be available for honest attempts at creating interesting characters to claymate.  Bring your friends. 

$20 minimum at tables throughout the show.  But the more you spend, the more we appreciate it.