• Gerson Miracle


    Dr. Gerson was one of the pioneers of a raw food diet.  He discovered that by following his strict diet of juices and raw foods he could cure 47% of the terminal cancer cases, which other medical professionals wouldn't even touch.  It's also been used to cure diabetes and many other diseases.  The diet is based on 13 glasses of raw organic carrot, apple, and vegetable juice a day along with a raw regiment of salads and vegetables, no salt, no fat, no sugars, no spices, no wheat.  Cooked vegetables can be eaten in conjunction with the mainly raw food diet, especially when starting out.  For more information about this therapy, check out Gerson Therapy.

    Since his time, new and amazing advances have been made in raw eating.  Ani Phyo has helped this movement immensely.

    A movie has recently been released about the Gerson Miracle of raw foods.  Watch it for free on hulu.