Karl Derry, sous chef; Eliza Schneider, co-owner; James Taylor, chef; Sarah Schneider, co-owner, are the creatives who bring you Merge.

Merge Family during our Farm Sanctuary Field Trip

What is Merge?

It's where Sarah and Eliza Schneider  combined their experiences abroad in order to bring something new and fresh to their hometown of Buffalo, NY.  It's where we aim to stoke the creative and artistic conversation about the impact we can have in the world.  It’s where conscientious people can sit down over lunch or dinner to discuss art, ethics, the health of our planet, the origin and health of our food and bodies, and the state of our beloved city.  It's where you can enjoy an elegant dinner with blue collar sensibilities.

Our welcoming, intelligent, creative, and energetic staff and ever rotating events help give a sense of the warmth and optimism we hope to promote in our art deco gallery, dining space, and bar.  Come see for yourself, it’s a match made at merge.

Please call for reservations (716) 842-0600.

All about our cuisine

At merge we strive to use local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. We offer healthy food and accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free diets, and even offer some raw meals. We craft all of our dishes from the basic ingredients, and each meal is catered to order. We aim to produce delicious, healthy meals that everyone can enjoy.

You can download the most recent version of our menu in PDF form right here: