Kangen Water

At merge you are served the highest quality water that will not only quench your thirst, but will also heal your body.

The water on your table has been treated with Japanese water technology that changes your tap water. Normal tap water is acidic, contaminated, and full of chlorine. KANGEN is purified, alkalized, and ionized.

Water that does WONDERS for your body:
*It slows the aging process
*Promotes healthy weight loss
*Boosts your body’s immunity against disease
*Increases absorption of important vitamins and minerals.

KANGEN means “return to origin” and that’s exactly what this water does. It returns your body to it’s original state of balance and health.

One in four households in Japan has a home Kangen water filter. 

For information on purchasing a filter of your own, find more information at 

www.thetawater.com, or contact Alan Saks at (702) 292 - 5934

*Mention merge to receive discounts and special offers. 

If you would like to take some water home and try it out, feel free to bring in a jug and 

we'll fill it up for you at just $1/gallon.