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Eliza Schneider, merge co-creator, offers transformational coaching for women who want support in their personal wellness, health, and professional development.  Resolve to Evolve is dedicated to helping women wake up each day happy and healthy so they can become the change they want to see in the world.


5 Day Cleanse with merge

Sunday, May 24th - Thursday May 28th

*Meal pick up times are 4-6pm each day at merge

In many ancient cultures (Chinese medicine, ancient Indian ayurveda, German traditions, & many South American cultures) cleansing is done with the change of the seasons.  As the climate shifts our bodies are also changing and it's great to give the digestive system and bit of a break so it can focus on elimination and purification to re-energize the body during the transitional periods.

In the winter months in Buffalo we have put together a package of raw entrees and juices for you to enjoy with plenty of hot tea, broth, and soups and other warm suggestions at home.  We intend for this cleanse to be warming, while also being purifying and adding nutrients to you body.

  • Simply pick up your daily juice and entree each day evening between 4-6pm.  
  • This is a great opportunity to drop any weight you might have accumulated, give your body a break from certain substances and foods, and take some time to replenish and rejuvenate your body after the holidays.
  • Many people drink the juice the following morning for breakfast and split up the meals (as they are quite large) for lunch and dinner.  However, we suggest that you eat when you are a hungry and add-in a smoothie in the morning and simple salads for lunch.  You'll get tons of recipes and snack ideas in the cleansing PDF when you sign up.
  • This cleanse is great as tune up for those who are already eating healthy, generally clean diet.  Don't fear -- cleansing doesn't mean that you will have to rest all the time or be on the toilet all day.  In fact, most people have increased energy and feel great.
  • The juices will vary each day, but they will all be comprised of fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables.  If you have specific allergies to any fruits or vegetables and have special requests, please email [email protected] with concerns/questions.


5 Juices  (5@ $7/each) -- $35 value

5 Raw entrees (5@ $15/each) -- $75 value

12 Page Cleansing Info PDF -- $15 value

How about the whole package for  $100? That's a deal!

To join us simply pay through Paypal here: