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doTERRA essential oils empower you to feel like a modern day medicine (wo)man.  

doTERRA oils are extracted directly from plants using steam distillation or cold pressing.  The oils are have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properities because they are meant to protect the plant from bacteria, virus, and fungus.  The oils are very complex, each having over 100 compounds (up to 1,000s of compounds) that offer distinct benefits for the human body. (Anti-inflammatory, sedative, mucous-breaking, pain relief, etc)  Each oil is unique in it's offerings.  (For instance, lavender can be used for cuts and burns, sunburn, calming, sleep, etc)  And it can actually have positive side effects when you use it for one thing it can help with many.

In our modern medical world, many pharmaceuticals have the opposite effect.  Many of the modern medicines are focusing on fixing the symptoms and not the root cause of our disease. Basically pharmacists are synthetically creating compounds that act like these plants but they only focus on do one or two things, because they aren't as complex.  This lack of natural complexity can often cause negative side effects.  In nature, plant life (and energy in general) is balanced in a way that is not able to be recreated through science, even if they design compounds with exactly the same properties, it does not align to be exactly like the plant in it's make up.  Therefore, it's of highest importance to get real essential oils, not synthetic recreations.

Eliza, merge's co-creator, has found many benefits using the oils personally to heal anxiety, self-doubt, emotional trauma, etc along with using them for everyday physical symptoms like colds, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, tension, stress, and infections.

Please feel free to contact Eliza ([email protected]) for free samples and information on how to empower yourself by using essential oils for health and wellness.


Come join us for our next monthly class at merge!

Thursday, May 14th at 6pm.  Eliza will be discussing how to make your own natural cleaning products at home. 

Everyone will leave with their own personalized all purpose (and all natural!) cleaning spray.

Please RSVP by emailing [email protected].  The classes are always free.