10:30 Lounge Show - The Free Burma Folk Heroes

Fri, April 8, 2011 10:30 PM

The Free Burma Folk Heroes are a newly formed band that mixes folk
music with faster rock and blues. The combination creates an energy
filled performance with long jams and intricate lyrics.

The band's name seeks to spread awareness on the oppression of the
people of Burma by their military junta government. Over 60 years of
terror and genocide have been causing the Burmese people to flee their
land and become refugees, many of which have landed in Buffalo, NY.

The band members are Buffalo natives who have always been involved in
local and international awareness of Human Rights, Community Building
and Common Decency. Through Music and Education, they seek to
strengthen and unite all that is good in the community and lend
support to all those who need it around the world.