• Farm Sanctuary, Glen Falls, NY


    "Have you ever given a pig a belly rub… talked to a turkey… or kissed a cow? The critters at Farm Sanctuary love visitors as much as you will love our unique shelters.
    Currently, Farm Sanctuary operates two shelters — a 175-acre farm in upstate New York and a 300-acre farm in northern California. Our shelters rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care for hundreds of animals who have been rescued from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. Here, the animals are given all the care and love needed to recover from a lifetime of abuse and neglect. All of the animals have nourishing food, spacious, clean barns, and acres of green, sunny pastures in which to roam.
    When you walk through the pastures, you'll see frolicking calves, who once only knew pain and suffering in veal crates. As you enter the barns, you'll see pigs slumbering in soft straw — a tremendous change from a cold, filthy stockyard pen. Everywhere you look, you'll see animals who have suffered untold agony and cruelty. Only now, you'll witness these animals experiencing the joys of freedom for the first time in their lives.
    At Farm Sanctuary, people see farm animals as living, feeling beings who are just as capable of suffering from isolation, fear and neglect as a dog or cat. Our "animal ambassadors" have a very special way of reaching and teaching people. So, if you know someone that loves animals, bring them to a Farm Sanctuary shelter…a very special place for farm animals and for the friends of farm animals.
    Our shelters offer farm tours, overnight accommodations, retreats, and conferences. Please click on the links below to learn about the specific programs available at each location."