7pm Bossa Nova with Christian Campos

Tue, April 12, 2011 7:00 PM


Christian Campos is a guitarist and singer who plays
Bossa Nova and Latin Jazz music. Christian’s playing is
smooth, rhythmic and sincere, and his performances
have quickly won over audiences throughout the
Buffalo-Niagara area.

Christian’s live shows feature music from Brazil, Cuba
and the Caribbean, but he performs with a style that is
all his own, blending Latin rhythms with his love of
American folk music, Jazz and Classical Guitar.

Christian has been a performing musician for 15 years,
playing many styles of music, including Blues, Jazz,
Rock and Roll, and Folk music, both as a solo
performer and in various bands.

In recent years, Christian has been heavily influenced
by Bossa Nova Music and Latin Jazz, and he has
dedicated himself to exploring and performing those
styles of music.